quitting the comparison game

Why It’s Important for Us to Quit the Comparison Game

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it”

– Unknown

We’re all familiar with the comparison game, it’s that dreadful yet addictive game where we compare ourselves with practically everyone we know and even worst, total strangers.

We look at the surface of others’ lives and though we don’t quite know nor understand the whole picture of their lives, we quickly come with the conclusion that they simply have it better.

We compare ourselves in terms of physical attributes, material wealth, accomplishments, relationships and the list goes on and on….

If we feel that we don’t quite measure up to our so called competitions on one or more of these categories, we resort to labeling ourselves as unworthy and unaccomplished aka “I’m just not good enough.”

Admittedly, I too was an addict to this dangerously self-defeating game.

On my 25th birthday, I found myself feeling depressed because I felt as if I hadn’t achieved most of what I had set myself to accomplish by that time.

When someone dear to me tried to kindly console me by listing all the things that I managed to achieve at the tender age of a quarter century, I replied “..but 13 year olds managed to raise enough money to build wells in Africa..and they’re half my age! “ to which he answered “Well, if that’s how you want to play it, you’ll never win..” and looking back, I realized he was completely right.

When we are so focused on competing with others and feeling riddled with envy of their lives, we find ourselves living with the false belief that we are not enough unless we continue to strive for perfection which does not exists to begin with.

The comparison game is also a neverending one because we’ll always find someone who we perceive as smarter, more attractive, wealthier, more accomplished etc. than ourselves.

The truth is, each and every single one of us is special and we all have our own unique purpose and path in life…

Comparison is an absolute thief of joy and it prevents us from counting our blessings and embracing our already beautiful lives. Instead of comparing our journey to the journey of others, we should focus on being grateful for who are and what we already have.

The bottom line is that no one wins in the comparison game so let’s quit playing this destructive game once and for all. If you find that you must compete, why not compete with yourself?.

Make a commitment to exert your effort and attention, day in and day out, to become better than you already are and to live your very best life.

The grass is not greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it.

When you turn your focus and attention on becoming the best version of you, you’ll be at awe of your own growth progress in life. Inevitably, you’ll realize that comparing yourself to others is just a waste of priceless time and effort that is far better spent invested focusing on your own awesome life.

It won’t be any where near a breezy stroll in the park but whenever you feel that pang of jealousy or envy starts to kick in when you believe that someone else has it better than you, focus on your own journey instead.

Run your own race and keep moving towards creating YOUR very best life. Your future you will definitely thank you for it!

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