Friendship: It Takes Two To Tango


A friend and I had an interesting talk on the topic of friendship recently and she brought up two really great questions that i’m sure we’ve also asked ourselves at some point in our lives. First she asked: how do you keep yourself from feeling used by others – especially when it comes to friends. She then followed the question with: when you do feel used, what should you do about it? Should you value the friend for who he/ she is or end the friendship? Continue reading Friendship: It Takes Two To Tango

How to Finally Kick that Bad Habit to The Curb

Let’s be honest, deep inside, we know all too well that we have at least one unpleasant habit that is hindering ourselves from becoming our best self. This can be anything from smoking, eating too much junk food to procrastinating. Yet, even after owning up to these habits, we can’t seem to get ourselves to kick them to the curb. Read More

Choosing Our Tribe

I certainly would not be who I am today without my tribe…

My tribe consists of a close knit of friends who have been there with through the ups and downs, the thick and thin of life. They’ve seen me at my best and my worst – they know the real me, inside and out and they love me nonetheless. Continue reading Choosing Our Tribe