What is this blog about?

Hey there,


I’m ever so grateful that you’re taking the time to check out Fleur De Lyz – A professional & personal development blog created to inspire, encourage and motivate dreamers, visionaries & doers like you!

Though I am a huge proponent on positive thinking (some have even expressed that it is to the point of extremes), I’m highly aware that life’s not always sunshine, rainbows, and butterflies.

Sometimes life could throw us a whole lot of lemons to the point of breaking us down. Fear not, you’re not alone and rest assured that we’ve all been there.

If you happen to be going through tough times, know that your current circumstances don’t define you.

Hang in there, keep going, and stay the course because you have it within you to do so.

You’ll find that “this too shall pass” and better yet, if you are open to the silver linings and lessons to be learned from the struggle you’re going through, you’ll come out of it even better & stronger than you were before.

If you find yourself already living a pretty great life, I wholeheartedly celebrate you! However, it’s always still good to keep in mind that life is all about growth & progress.

Though we certainly should be grateful for who already we are and what we already have, there’s always room for improvements to be made in our lives as well in who we are as human beings.

Regardless of your circumstances, I hope that the posts you find here will give you that extra dose of inspiration you need to dream big & live large!


4 thoughts on “What is this blog about?”

    1. Hi Mangesh, you’re very welcome. I’m glad you found the posts inspiring :). If you haven’t already done so, do follow or subscribe so you won’t miss any future posts! Thanks again and keep living inspired!


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