Featured by Coach Compare as one of the platform’s Top 8 Personal Development Coaches

It’s impressive how great of a listener Lystia is. She engages, wants to really get to know you and pushes you to dig deeper. 

It’s clear how much she cares about helping others. It’s in her nature – but what sets Lystia apart is the clarity she has about her purpose. 

She’s done and continues to do the work herself, which brings a sense of balance to her presence. Lystia’s very clear about who she is, what she values, and how she’d like to show up in life. 

Because of this, she’s able to really see you and inspires – that it’s possible for you too. Together, she helps to set actionable steps to guide you and cheers for you along the way.

Rose F

New York City, United States

Lystia combines her empathic people skills and empowering energy in her group coaching.

Even the most introverted (aka me) will feel right at home and want to participate with confidence and ease!

What I love most about her sessions is she never forgets to add an element of fun, which is what we all need to incorporate in our development, whether personal, professional, or spiritual.

Nina T

Manila, The Philippines

My goals for my coaching sessions were tied to specific events rather than major life goals.

Lystia definitely helped me get all of my ideas organized and what helped even more, was that she got me to prioritize. Lystia knew exactly what questions to ask so that I could see things more clearly. Having that structure is really beneficial.

Cris P

Arad, Romania


Lystia’s able to listen calmly, without judgement and bring you back to your most important core values. 

I appreciate her ability to relate and share her own experiences. It adds so much to the connection shared during our sessions. 

She reminds me to cut off the chasing and controlling (of outcomes) and encourages me to trust and enjoy the process/journey.

Lystia combines spiritual concepts and down-to-earth logic into concrete insights and keep you accountable to your goals. 

I’m immensely grateful for our sessions and I’ll always come back to the many priceless lessons I’ve learned from them.

Jacintha D.V

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


As a founder, I believe that public speaking is a crucial skill that I needed to improve to be able to effectively grow my business. This is why I decided to work with Lystia.

In addition to the insights I got from answering her questions, she was able to provide me with practical tips & techniques to overcome my issues and become a better speaker.

I now enjoy giving presentations, making deals with clients, and have received positive feedback from my business partners on my progress.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their professional skills.

Anita N

Yogjakarta, Indonesia

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