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Hey there! I’m Lystia

Happy to have you here. I’m a certified wellness coach, an empowerment strategist, and a personal & professional development enthusiast.

Have you been wanting to transform your life in a powerful yet practical way but you’ve got no idea where and how to start? You’ve come to the right place.

I’ll help you to turn confusion into clarity and together, we’ll figure out actionable steps to move you closer to your best self and best life!

It’s time to take that leap of faith and invest in yourself. Make this year, YOUR year. And your self-empowering journey starts here…

This is YOUR year - FDL

Lystia’s a talented coach. She listens intently and helps to set action points that keeps me moving forward. More importantly, she generously provides support in successfully completing what I set out to do!

Catherine T

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Holistic Wellness Coaching

Did you know that wellness extends far beyond our physical health & wellbeing? In order to live a truly magnificent and fulfilling life, it’s crucial for us to invest in all aspects of wellness.

Find out for yourself how investing in holistic wellness coaching can help you to become your best self and live a life that you’re excited to wake up to each and every day.

You'll become healthier
Find out the 7 powerful ways coaching has helped one of our clients to overcome her fears and start living her best life.


Curious to find out  how YOU can benefit from coaching? 

Learn all about what you can expect from coaching as well as the 7 powerful ways coaching has helped one of our clients, Octavia, to overcome her fears and start living her best life!

Coach Lystia’s absolutely wonderful at setting a comfortable & supportive environment to help me discuss next steps for my future. I appreciate her warm approach and so grateful for the insights that I’ve gained from our sessions.

Sapphire D

New York City, United States

Fleur de Lyz Blog

Need that extra dose of motivation to dream big & live large? Be sure to check out our blog for inspiring stories, awesome quotes, useful insights & practical tips to keep you moving forward!

A group of people working together

My coaching sessions are enlightening. Lystia is able to immediately see through the fog of my thoughts and helps me to turn them into a clear distillation of the next steps. I like the emphasis she puts on self-mastery, a value I also believe in. Her positive energy is infectious!

Lande A-Z

Lund, Sweden

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