Hello! I’m Lystia

I’m a certified holistic wellness coach who believes that true wellness extend well beyond our physical health and wellbeing.

Having personally been a coachee for over a decade, I understand and have experienced firsthand the abundance of  benefits to be gained from working with a coach. 

The time I’ve spent with them has been instrumental in helping me to continuously strive in becoming the very best version of myself.

They’ve given me the tools to cultivate and more importantly, maintain, a growth-driven mindset & lifestyle in a holistic way.

Now it’s my turn for me to do the same for you. 

If you feel that you’ve been putting your needs, goals, and desires in the back burner for far too long, today is the perfect day to start investing in yourself.

Take that leap and step closer to the life of your dreams.

Let’s collaborate and get ready to boldly be, courageously do, and forever continue to grow!

Lystia - Fleur de Lyz Coaching

Featured by Coach Compare as one of the platform’s Top 8 Personal Development Coaches

My Mission

“Empowering Millennials & Gen Z to become their most authentic selves and live out a phenomenal & fulfilling life through investing in themselves…”


Lystia has been great at giving me guidance & feedback during our sessions. Her strategic approach helped me to realize things that I hadn’t thought of previously. I felt empowered after those moments of realization. 

Maria B

Colombus, United States

True Wellness is a Lifestyle

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I like that Lystia helps to make us realize that we already have the answers to our own questions. I learned so much and it was enlightening. I absolutely appreciate her taking her time and guiding me through this process. 

Beatrice S

Manila, The Philippines

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