The Art of Surrender

“Those who are certain of the outcome can wait and wait, without anxiety”

– An excerpt from A Course in Miracles

Like many of my Millennial generation peers, I often struggle when it comes to waiting.

We’re infamous for our impatience for we’re a generation in constant search of immediate gratification.

We believe that we are entitled to receive and have everything that we want when we want it and that usually means as soon as possible … or better yet, right now.

In the past, patience was certainly not one of my virtues. Coupled with my habit to control everything (and everyone) around me, this combination almost always equaled to high anxiety and stress.

In effort to minimize that palpable feeling of worry, I usually resort to meticulous planning which always include a long to do list of details along with timelines that simply must be met and rolled out to precision.

Fortunately, as I’ve become older and somewhat wiser, it finally dawned on me that no matter how hard one tries, one simply can not have life timely organized and neatly packaged into beautifully bowed Tiffany boxes.

I’ve come to terms that though I can always aim to plan as best as I can, I must also do my best to surrender and trust that life is divinely unravelling as it should.

Most type A personalities, like me, have a ridiculous amount of difficulty swallowing this idea because we have a tendency to relentless pursue our goals and very often achieve them.

The mere thought of letting go of control means the possibility of losing our drive & ambition that we have come to pridefully define as part of who we are.

With that said, having to finally be open to the idea of surrender, I’ve realized that there’s much freedom and peace to experience when one lets go of control.

What also helped me to relinquish control is that it became clear to me that by surrendering, it doesn’t mean that we’re giving up. 

When we take the time to look back on our lives, most of the anxiety and stress we experienced were actually the results of our own vivid imagination.

We worry over circumstances, events and situations that never actually happened – or will ever happen for that matter.

Yet, these worst case scenarios we play in our minds plague us and hinder us from focusing our best efforts to everything that we do and takes us away from taking advantage of the present moment.

We also create immense stress when we choose to cling desperately and wondering when the day that something (e.g: the perfect job, the next big account, the promotion etc.) or someone will finally arrive to make our lives better than it currently is.

While all the while, we also wish to have a more peaceful and calm lives.

Unfortunately this wish won’t ever come true if we’re unwilling to part ways with the stress and anxiety that we, ourselves, created.

So what should one do to release all of the stress, anxiety and worry?

A simple yet effective way I’ve found that helped me to let go of all the negative energy is the practice of meditation.

Set aside a simple, small space in the house where you can meditate daily. Start with just 5-10 minutes a day, ideally in the morning before starting your day to focus the mind solely on the present moment and on your breathing.

When you get the hang of it, start increasing the duration. Do note that if you’re anything like me who is used to having constant mind chatter going at top speed, you may find it difficult to quiet your mind at first.

Be patient and don’t be discouraged because once meditation becomes your daily habit, it will help you to do what you’ve desperately long to do – to finally let go of control and to start embracing the art of surrender.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Surrender”

  1. Well put. I feel like you described my life as it was. Recently, I have set forth to “let it go” and it is ultimately the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. I am searching for my “life meant”, but in the search I realized to let go and let it happen. Sure enough, it slowly but surely evolved. Check out my blog at


    1. I know what you mean, letting go of control is excruciatingly difficult yet it’s something that we all need to do in order to have a more peaceful life 🙂 It’s something we have to do every day. Thanks for sharing your kind comment. I will definitely check your blog!


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