If you are anything like me, chances are, you’ve fallen prey to “the grass is greener on the other side” syndrome: the comparison plague where you feel as if your friend, colleague, neighbor, or even strangers simply have it better than you…

You find yourself wishing you were richer, smarter, thinner and/or more successful – does any of this ring a bell?

Should you find yourself agreeing to any of the points above, fear not, you are definitely not alone.

The fact is that we all go through these moments and yes, I’m willing to bet at some point in their lives, even those that we considered as the enlightened ones such as Deepak Chopra or Mother Teresa  have felt envious or jealous of another.

But that is beside the point, what you may not realize is that this deep seeded longing for more than you already have is actually not helping you get what you desire – Whether it’s more money, a significant other, a better job or all of the above.

On the contrary, it’s actually creating a further gap from your hopes, dreams, and desires.

Thanks to the popularity of The Secret, practically everyone in the modern world has at least heard of the concept of Law of Attraction.

That being said, though you may already have the logical understanding of the concept, very few of us mindfully use it to our advantage on a daily basis.

To simply put, the Law of Attraction states that where you place your attention/ focus is where your energy goes. Everything in this universe – our entire constellation of the galaxies – is made up of energy, including, you guessed it, you!

Despite the façade of our physical bodies, we are all actually energy operating on a vibration that solely depends upon our thoughts and feelings.

Hence, if you predominantly focus on what you’re lacking or problems you are currently facing, you’re resonating on a level of vibration that can only attract the energy of the same level.

Doing so, you end up unconsciously wishing for more of what you don’t want and in turn repelling what you actually want and desire. And this is why Law of Attraction end up ‘not working’ for most people.

So what can we do to shift our vibrations?

Though there are several ways to do so, I find the Attitude of Gratitude approach to be most effective. By sincerely recognizing and counting your blessings, the goodness that you already have, you will inevitably attract more of it.

We can express our gratitude by verbally expressing how thankful we are for what we have through prayers or jotting it down in a gratitude journal.

Allow yourself to see how good you have it already and to appreciate things that you may normally take for granted. That said, here’s the secret to making it stick: Practice gratitude on a daily basis that it becomes a habit.

On days that being thankful for what you already is tough, remember that the simplest things you often take for granted, someone else is praying for.  

Soon enough, you’ll find gratitude ingrained as a mindset and begin to see for yourselves how quickly you can manifest more of wonderful things (and people) into your life!

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