The Relentless Pursuit of Happiness

No matter where we came from, what our backgrounds and our beliefs are, we all share one thing in common: we all want happiness. We yearn for that day when we finally become happy yet for so many of us, happiness feels ever so elusive.

What we don’t realize is that the very thing that we so desperately chase after, is already within our grasp. Despite what we have been lead to believe, happiness is not something we can pursue and it certainly does not come in the form of material things.

Though we have been told over and over again that money and anything outside of ourselves be it the perfect spouse, the ideal job and so forth does not equate to happiness, we still insist on believing that happiness can be acquired when we achieve or having something or someone more than we already have.

Though it took me quite a while to finally “get it“, I have come to understand wholeheartedly that happiness is not a destination but rather than a decision. It is the decision to do our best to see the good in everything and everyone, every day of our lives.

Happiness is recognizing how blessed we already are – just as we are and for what we already have – in this very moment.

Things do not have to be perfect nor ideal for us to be happy. Truth be told, how happy we are entirely depends on our own perspective – meaning that if we choose to believe that we are happy, then we are happy. It’s as simple as that.

With that said, I’m certainly not saying that we should ignore our issues or challenges that we are currently facing but rather having the understanding that there will always be challenges to be faced in our lives but whatever difficulties we are going through, we must believe that we have it within us to overcome them.

Be thankful for our struggles for the experience will help us to become stronger than ever before.

Inevitably,  as we fill ourselves with gratitude for all that we are and that we have experienced and continue to experience – both the good and the bad – joy will flow through you and you will finally come to truly realize that happiness  has always been within you, waiting for you to make the decision to embrace it all along.

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