Defying the Odds

One thing that even some of the closest people in my life may not know about me is that when I was 12, the conditions of my knees regressed quickly to the point that they felt as if they literally “wobble” whenever I walk. One day when I decided to run, I fell head first and dislocated my right knee which lead to a frantic visit to the hospital. Fortunately, I experienced no severe head injury but after a couple x-rays and a MRI session, my doctor informed my parents that when it comes to my knees, if I do not get a risky major surgery on my knees to fix the condition within a couple of years, there’s a high percentage that I would lose all function of my knees.

He continued to explain that should I opt out of the surgery, I would not be able to walk and would need to get around in a wheelchair by the time I reach my mid 20’s. However, since I was still growing, the doctor strongly felt that it would best for me to wait about 2 years to go through with the operation fearing that it may severely stunt my growth.

As a teen, having to listen to the disheartening news that you may live most of your adult life on a wheelchair, was nothing short of a disaster. Fortunately, even back then, I knew that I had the power to change the situation around. Instead of succumbing to the feeling of helplessness and throw myself a pity party, I decided to keep a positive mindset and became committed to doing all I could to strengthen my knees so I would not to go through with the surgery let alone being in a wheelchair by the time I’m a 20 something. Long story short, through physical therapy and regular exercise, I was able to make slow yet steady progress. Within just a little over a year, the doctor was in sheer amazement to find that my knees, though they were still in the process of healing and strengtening, made more than enough progress that as long as I continued to make consistent effort to strengthen them, he felt I no longer needed the surgery.

Fast forward to today, reminscing the traumatic yet simultaneously triumphant experience, I can’t help but smile and feel immensely grateful to my teen self for bravely choosing to defy the odds. It is a sweet reminder to my adult self that I always have the choice of deciding that i am stronger than the obstacles or challenges I am faced with. Through the experience, I was able to find out firsthand that everyone one of us get to decide how our life story unravel. No matter what odds are stacked against you, make the choice to always believe that you have it within you to overcome any struggles that inevitably show up on the journey we fondly call life. If I can do it, anyone certainly can.

Now, I’d like to hear from you, do you have your own inspiring story as to how you successfully defied the odds that were stacked against you?. Feel free to share in comment box below, I would love to hear all about it 🙂

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