“The best way to get out is always through”

– Robert Frost

We’ve all been there. Everything appears to be in flow and we’re feeling really good about life.  Then one day, we wake up and somehow it all mysteriously screeched into a halt.

Suddenly, we find that the simple act of getting out of bed takes every ounce of strength that we could muster. Our days become a series of ‘blah’ moments where just getting through our daily routine feels like an immense struggle.

Even in cases where we have the privilege to do what we love and passionate about for a living, we still find ourselves dragging our feet dealing with one task to the next.

Whenever we find ourselves in this situation, whether it lasts for days, weeks or months,  it feels as if our ‘mojo’ otherwise referred by the French as ‘Joie de vivre’ aka our zest for life has managed to escape us and it’s no where to be found. 

The fact is, at some point, life is guaranteed to knock us all down a time or two.  How we react to these moments where we felt lost, stuck and/or hopeless makes all the difference.

During these ‘off’ times, you are essentially given two options: to sink further down the black hole or to swim against the current and fight like hell to stay afloat.

Whenever we’re feeling like we’re down in the dumps, we may feel as if our spark is gone forever and we can never get our groove back. It becomes all too easy to fall prey to the temptation of  giving in and giving up.

That said, chances are, you’ve gone through a similar situation before and prevailed. So, before you decide to wave that white flag, recall that past moment(s) and use the experience to remind yourself that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel – and most importantly, that you will get yourself out of the darkness once more.

Having previously experienced multiple life ‘slumps’ in the past, fortunately, I have  always opted to choose the latter. Cause in days where the going gets tough, the best and most effective way I’ve found to bring back my ‘mojo’, my excitement for life back is simply to show up each and every day.

No matter how awful we feel and how much we’re tempted to sleep the day away, we must choose to get up, get dressed and show up for life. As Woody Allen, one of the greatest, albeit a quirky movie director, said “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

Stay the course, persevere and give it all you’ve got.  

You’ll see that, soon enough, the spark you’ve been missing will make its way back and you’ll be brimming with energy & enthusiasm, ready to tackle whatever life have in store for you than ever before!

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