“I started Foundr a decade ago with the mission to provide entrepreneurs access to the world’s greatest business leaders. My goal was to break down the barriers to entrepreneurial education.” – Nathan Chan

If you’re a business owner or someone who aspires to become an entrepreneur, you may already be familiar with Foundr as a popular magazine.

Having been launched a decade ago, month after month, the Foundr magazine continues to feature some of the top names in business.

Fun fact: Some of my own ‘role models’, from Arianna Huffington and Richard Branson to Marie Forleo and Gary Vaynerchuk, they’ve all graced the cover of this valuable publication!

Foundr magazine

What you may not know is that, Foundr, a global media & education company for entrepreneurs founded by Nathan Chan, offers a plethora of products and services that aim to help people to thrive in business. 

This post will cover a review of one of their most valuable offerings; its learning platform – Founder+.

For the most part, I’m not one to endorse a product or service without having tried it for myself. Seeing that this is the very first review post I’ve done for a product, it’s safe to say that I’ve become a fan. And evidently, I’m not alone – Founder+ currently has 250.000+ subscribers in 173 countries!

As a self-proclaimed ‘perpetual’ student, I love learning new things – but with so many self-learning options available out there, it can be challenging to discern on which is right for you.

Should you be on the hunt for courses that’ll boost your creativity or help you to elevate your skills in a hobby or interest, Skillshare, another partner of ours, is probably a better fit for you. You can even get up to 50% off their membership by signing up with our link!

But if you’re someone who’s been sitting on a idea and been wanting to start your own side-hustle or business or you’re looking to take your existing business the next level, getting on board with Founder+ will be a worthwhile investment

So, how does Foundr+ work?

Once you sign up, you’ll have instant access to 30+ courses created by some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, including Nathan (the founder) himself.

Founder+ courses

From my experiences, I’ve found that one of the best ways to ‘filter’ the level of quality of a product or service is to ‘consider the sources’.

What do I mean by that? In this case, when you know that the creator of the course is someone who walks the talk and has proven their own success in that field you’re looking to level up in, you’re likely to be in good hands.

As they say, you’ll proverbially be in “sitting in the shoulders of giants”. The courses offered cover everything from finding the right business idea, finding the ideal client to growing your business through different platforms.

No matter which you decide to take, one thing stays constant: You’ll get proven frameworks from real experts.

I decided to give the courses a try myself and while it was difficult to choose one should take first, Joe de Sena’s Mental Toughness course immediately caught my eye.

Let’s face it – those who are already in it knows all too real that the entrepreneurship journey is hardly a walk in the park. And grit aka Mental Toughness is often the key ingredient that differentiates those who succeed and those who don’t.

And who better to teach the course than Joe de Sena? The Founder and CEO of Spartan, the world’s leading endurance sports brand, has pretty much seen and experienced it all.

Mental Toughness Foundr+

During the 2 module (17 lessons) course, Joe even shared some personal anecdotes such as the trials & tribulations where he worked for a mob boss to his past failures in business.

He covered everything from how to find your purpose, how to build resilience, to how to avoid burnout and achieving the money mindset.

Throughout the lessons, which runs about 10-20 mins each, Joe was able to communicate his insights clearly while sharing tips and actionable steps that he’s learned from his entrepreneurial journey.

Each lesson also comes with a work book that you can tackle once you’ve watched the video. It also offers a transcript as well as easy to digest (bullet points) summary of each. At the end, you’ll also be able to download a certificate of completion.

All in all, I learned a lot from the course and most importantly, I felt inspired. It offered lots of insights that I can apply immediately into my life to cultivate more grit. I enjoyed it so much that I signed up for Joe’s 14-day challenge (also comes through Foundr+).

Whether you’d like to check out the latest issue or their very first issue (featuring Sir Richard Branson), you’ll have an entire library of unlimited content that’ll help you to thrive in business.

Awesome right? What are you waiting for?

Grab their membership for its lowest price ever through their limited-time Black Friday deal. You’ll get 66% off their annual fee, which equals to less than US$2/day!

Foundr+ Black Friday Sale

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