“If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you’ll be unhappy for the rest of your life.” – Abraham Maslow

Do you feel like you’re running around in a straitjacket?

Or swimming in an ice hockey gear?

You probably think this sounds ridiculous. Still, that is what we all do, most of the time.

We let beliefs limit us. 

We believe that we are not good enough.

We believe that we cannot change or grow.

We believe everything that mass-media tells us.

Most of the time, fear is driving our behavior. And fear definitely makes us risk-averse.

Feeling trapped

When I ask people whether they are using their full potential, they look at me in a sad way. They immediately feel the pain of not living up to their own capabilities.

Many people are suffering because they feel not seen and not good enough. As a consequence, they lack self-confidence and experience stress, burnout, depression or worse. 

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Why is this the case? 

It is crucial to understand that parents, teachers, and bosses use the same mechanism to make you do what they want you to do. That mechanism is telling you frequently that you are not good enough. Telling others that they are not good enough is the prerogative of those in power. 

By the time you are 25 years old, you have completely bought into the story that you are not good enough. You believe that story. You even identify with being not good enough. 

A toxic management style and culture that focuses on telling people frequently what they did wrong, is slowly poisoning you. 

Part of that suffering is caused by the straitjackets that others want us to wear. 

There are straitjackets targeting your brain (for example social media or advertising) and straitjackets targeted at your body (for example food or alcohol).

Feeling not good enough

These can certainly lead to mental illnesses. 

In most countries there is a waitlist of people for getting admitted to the mental health system. These are people who suffer mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially and/or environmentally. Inevitably, their pain adds to our collective pain.

Even when we receive a compliment, the impact is negligible in a sea of complaints. It is known that it takes about three or four positive comments, experiences, or expressions to fend off the languishing effects of one negative. I would argue that hardly anyone gets 3 or 4 times more compliments than criticism. 

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This explains why many people feel suppressed, stressed and without energy.

That said, know that the story that you are not good enough, is not true.

The strategy to tell you that you are not good enough is just that, a strategy. These strategies are used to control your behavior and your body. 

When you focus on meeting the expectations of others, you are actually living someone else’s life. Conformity is like gravity, it pulls you down.

The good news is that you are already good enough and that you can edit your story, and you can change your beliefs, and identity. Feeling free and true to yourself

You can choose to remove the straitjacket (of conditioning) that is holding you back, and you can unleash and use your uniqueness. 

By Flying Out, you can be the hero in your own story instead of being a pawn in someone else’s. 

By becoming an Extraordinarian, you can build a better world for all. 

You’re invited to live your own life.

You’ll be surprised at how confident, capable, healthy, and fully alive you can be. You deserve it.

Let’s get started. Let’s dismantle these straitjackets!


The Art of Un-Conditioning 

Live out loud

You don’t know that you are being conditioned to conform, to live someone else’s life. 

You don’t know how your (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) capabilities are intentionally being suppressed. 

You don’t know why you are not taught how to live life. 


You feel stressed, powerless and not good enough in a world where others are pulling the strings.

Your brain is hijacked by parents, teachers, bosses and the media & entertainment industry. 

Your body is hijacked by the food, fashion, and pharmaceutical industry. 

Your market is hijacked by Big X.


Your future is hijacked by governments and high-tech giants.

Your environment is hijacked by the energy, land use sources, agriculture and transport industry. 


When you know that you are not the problem, that you are not unworthy or inadequate, you will feel relieved and powerful.

When you know how you can escape from this conditioning, you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

You will experience huge growth in performance, health & wellbeing, and freedom.

Would you like to learn the secrets of this conditioning? 

Would you like to follow your own dreams instead of the dreams of others?
It is time to stand up.

It is time to take responsibility.

It is time to act for yourself and the planet.

Your uniqueness makes a difference!
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